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Organic farm holidays

Podere mulinaccio is an organic farm in Maremma. From our lands we make Biologic Oil Extra Virgin of Olive, cereals, fruits and vegetables, respecting the biodiversity of our territory. The farm is thirteen ha big, fields and woods. 

The farmer of the Organic Farm is Giuseppe. We use only organic fertilizer or predator. We recycle the trash and the organic becomes compost and fertilizer for the fields. Liquids from the sanitation are cleaned by a phytodepuration area, where specific plants like bamboo, topinambur and willows absorb and purify the water.

The house warming and the hot water are warmed by solar panels and woods from the forest. The house is built with green building materials. Podere Mulinaccio tries to give you wonderful experience to those who want spend their holidays in an organic farm holidays.

We try to use natural resources to do not damage the environment. We still have an old olive grove who gives us a good quality of olives. For further information, you can check our page dedicated to sustainable agritourism and to Eco Tourism in Tuscany.