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Eco Tourism in Tuscany: organic farm and eco tourist routes

For us, managing a farmhouse is a choice and a way of life. It means choosing sustainable agriculture tourism and offering ecotourism opportunities and itineraries in Tuscany. Rural tourism, by definition, is a component of ecotourism, that's why we have structured our offer in an eco-sustainability perspective. We then tried to reduce the impact of our activities, of the presence of tourists and of activities that our guests can play.

Ecotourism, also in Tuscany, is in fact a form of tourism related to nature, to the countryside, their observation and knowledge, as well as to the discovery of cultural traditions (including agricultural ones) that exist in certain areas where the environment is preserved. And it is a form of tourism that not only leads to knowledge of the local nature, but also helps to preserve the environment itself, through eco-tourism activities. That's why in our farmhouse:

  • the apartments were created by retrieving pre-existing structures and using green building techniques and materials
  • we have equipped a dedicated area for green camping
  • the farm is organic, being careful to grow local varieties and to encourage biodiversity.

Tourism in a countryside path

Last but not least, we promote tourism activities that can foster the local knowledge of our Tuscan Maremma, offering low-impact activities that can be considered "ecotourism", according to a definition that was given in 1994 by the National Ecotourism Strategy of Australia: 

Ecotourism is nature based tourism that involves education and interpretation of the natural environment and is managed to be ecologically sustainable.

Here are some of the activities we offer, we believe in tune with this definition and with the way we live, the more environmentally friendly as possible.

Eco tourist itineraries in Tuscany

Our farmhouse Podere Mulinaccio is the starting point for many ecotourism tours in Maremma and in southern Tuscany in general. Around the farm, in particular, there are numerous hiking trails of different difficulties: for families, but also for specialists, paths that mostly go through the near Colline Metallifere (Metalliferous Hills). All treks that we offer can be found on this page.

Eco tourism on the Farma river, in Maremma

Another aspect of eco-tourism on which we place great emphasis is cycling, definitely one of the activities with the lowest environmental impact, that can let you know large parts of our territory. For this we have bikes available for our guests. By cycling it is so easy to reach the hills near our farmhouse: there are routes for both mountain biking and road bikes, which go through medieval towns and territories in which nature is still strong. Click here to view all cycling routes that we propose.

Finally, we remind you that there is a nearby stable for horseback riding and close to our farm there are great walls for climbing. And for those who love eco-tourism in this corner of Tuscany and wild places, we recall that we are located in one of the areas with the lowest light pollution: city lights are a distant memory and the night sky is full of stars.